Deluxe Softcover: Wave Woman: The Life and Struggles of a Surfing Pioneer

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This lush, full color book is printed on thick paper with a French fold cover. 188 beautiful pages. Truly, a keepsake edition.

            Wave Woman is a charming and intimate biography, a love letter from a daughter to her progressive mother who broke glass ceilings with simple curiosity and desire. Betty trained to swim in the 1936 Olympic Games. She eloped on a hunch and learned the tough lessons of love. With an entrepreneurial creativity and a drive for self-sufficiency, Betty found meaning as a sculptor, a dental hygienist, a jeweler, a fisherwoman, a potter and a poet. 
            In Hawaii, the thrill of big waves crashing at Makaha Beach inspired the 41-year-old mother to pick up a surfboard, conquer her fears and compete as a champion!
            Wave Woman speaks clearly to all women–and men–searching for self-confidence, fulfillment and true happiness.